Spring 2018: Capstone Readings

January 11

Introduction, Review Past Work, Project Brainstorm

January 18 (Cameron lead)

NC Fisheries Reform Act of 1997
20th Anniversary Podcast
* Writing Assignment

January 25 (Mackenzie lead)

Wildavsky- Analysis as Art 
Wildavsky- Analysis as Craft

February 1 (Christine lead)

February 1 and February 8 should be considered together, though they have different assignments.  There are lots of readings here.  Read them over the course of the two weeks.  You will need to get started though and read through the example examples in order to address the writing assignment for February 1.  

Pielke- Chapter 1 and Chapter 2  and Chapter 4

February 8 (Nick Lead)

February 15

Resume Workshop
*Bring a draft of your resume
Writing Assignment due

February 22

Final Project Progress Report
*Once upon a time in class exercise

March 1

Poster Workshop with Melissa Smith
Christina Blog Post Due

March 8- Spring Break No Class

March 15

Alumni Panel: Sara Marriott, Miles Murphy, and ...
Nick and Jatu Blog Post Due

March 22

Final Project Check In
Mackenzie Blog Post Due

March 29- Good Friday Holiday No Class

April 5 (Jatu Lead)

*Final Project Due for Edits

April 12

Cameron Blog Post Due

April 19- Class Canceled

April 20- Friday

CMS Graduate Student Poster Session
CMS is here


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