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The Bitter Debate Over Driving on the Beach: Sidestepping the Real Issues

Cameron Smith is in the Master of Science in Coastal and Ocean Policy program at UNC Wilmington. After completing a BS degree in physics and astronomy (and learning to rock climb) at Appalachian State, he missed the beautiful NC coast and wanted to be involved in protecting it. During the master’s program he has worked in two internships, one at a local bird rehabilitation clinic and one at an environmental nonprofit. After graduating from the master’s program he hopes to work in wildlife rehabilitation or management, and is always interested in creative ways to bring science to the public.

In recent years, the Cape Hatteras National Seashore has been embroiled in a fierce conflict between park managers and off road vehicle users. In several ways, politics has overshadowed the science of species management leading to increasing resentment between local residents and park managers over policies that are not likely to achieve species protection goals.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore …

A Tale of Two Labs

Today's post is from a super-fantastic undergraduate student who elected to do a directed independent study project with this year's Coastal and Ocean Policy capstone class.  Her undergaduate research experience provided her the opportunity to look at the politics hidden in the weeds of the scientific process.

Lara Noren is an undergraduate student studying marine biology and public administration at the University of North Carolina Wilmington graduating in May of 2018. In the future she hopes to attend graduate school to study ocean policy. 

Coral reefs have an extensive legacy in many cultures around the world. Today, coral reefs are regarded as one of the most economically and biologically valuable ecosystems on the planet. They provide habitat for commercially important fish, storm surge protection to island communities, billions of dollars in tourism each year, and are one of the most biodiverse ecosystems globally. 
Economic Benefits of Tropical Reefs
Although coral reefs ar…