Fall 2017: MCOP Seminar Reading Schedule

Week 1

Introduction: Concepts and Maps and Criteria

Week 3 Positivism

Kahneman- Thinking Fast and Slow: Chapter 22 and Chapter 23
Taleb- Black Swan: Chapter 5 and Chapter 6

Week 4 Context matters: A different approach

Clark: Introduction and Fundamentals, Capters 1 & 2
Rittel and Webber- Dilemmas in a general theory of planning
Hacking- Social Construction of What  (Read: Why ask What?)
Beck- When are you really an adult? 

Week 5 Social Process (9/19)

Clark: Chapter 3, Social Process

Week 6 Decision Process (9/26)

Clark: Chapter 4, Decision Process
Cash et al- Knowledge systems for sustainable development
Clark: Chapter 5, Problem Orientation
Sarewitz and Pielke- Prediction in Science and Policy
Clark et al- A Problem-Oriented Overview of Management Policy
Khan and Neis- The rebuilding imperative in fisheries: Clumsy solutions for a wicked problem?

Extra: An Initial Social Process (this work relates to the Clark et al reading above an the extra reading from the week before.  Collectively, the three works cover the social process, decision process and problem orientation of a conflict in forestry management in Ecuador).

Week 8 Things people believe (10/10)

Clark: Policy Oriented Professionalism and Policy Analysis and Multiple Methods, Chapters 6 & 7
Edelman- Symbolic Basis of Politics
Elder and Cobb- Symbolic Attachments pages 28-35

Week 10: To what end do we work? e.g. Democracy (10/24)  

Student led discussions

Week 11 (10/31) Cameron- Chemistry/Public Health


Post, G. B., P. D. Cohn and K. R. Cooper. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), an emerging drinking water contaminant: a critical review of recent literature.
B. R., H. Q., J. N. Franklin, R. L. McMahen, D. S., C. P. Higgins, M. J. Strynar, and D. J. C. 2017. Evaluation of the Immunomodulatory Effects of 2,3,3,3-Tetrafluoro-2-(Heptafluoropropoxy)-Propanoate in C57BL/6 Mice. Toxicological Sciences 156:179-189.


Week 12 (11/7) Christine- Goals, Metrics for Success, Trends

Week 13 (11/14) Mackenzie- Social Demographics and Politics

This week will also have a guest speaker, Dr. Rob Hart, who will provide an intro on the socioeconomic and political changes of eastern North Carolina over the last 50 years.

1.Wilmington, NC Demographics (New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender County)

2. The Wilmington Race Riot Here and here

3. Water Politics

4. Politics of Drinking Water

5. Polluting Politics AME

6. Scientific Journal of Integrating Science and Public Participation


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