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This is a new project of the faculty and students of the Coastal and Ocean Policy program at UNCW.
We will post things that look at the nitty gritty of science policy and politics.  The interesting stuff and the drama- the stuff of politics- is in the details and the nuance.  That stuff is hard to get at and even harder to articulate.  So, this is a space of practice.

Why Haint Blue?

Well, in part because, one of your bloggers here, Jessica Weinkle, likes the phrase and since moving to Wilmington has become fascinated with the tradition.  

But also, because it is apropos:

The tradition as I understand it [and I am finding my information on the internet so it must be true =)], is that the Gullah or Geechee people of the South would paint openings of their homes a watery blue to keep evil spirits at bay.  It was believed the malevolent haints (or haunts) could not cross water.  Hence, the blue paint tricks them into thinking that the home is surrounded by water thereby protecting the …