MCOP 595: Capstone in Coastal and Ocean Policy

Policymaking and Expertise

January 12

Overview, Return Papers, Discuss: Why does anyone care?

January 19- The Social Process (1 pager)

Clark- A view of individuals in society & Social Process: mapping the context (scroll first three pages to Ch. 2 Fundamentals)

January 26- The Art and Craft of Policy Analysis (1 pager)

Writing Workshop with Dr. Kate Maddalena

February 2- Public Opinion

February 9- Dogma and Skepticism (1 pager)

Wildavsky- Dogma vs. Skepticism
Opal- The Danger of Making Science Political

When writing your one pager, apply the readings of Feynman and Wildavsky to your discussion and opinion of Opal.

Blog Post: Caitlin

February 16- Education vs. Advocacy (1 pager)

Please look this over in preparation for class: NC Fisheries Reform Act of 1997

Blog Post: Kathy

February 23- Democracy and Ideology (1 pager)

Guest Speaker: Dr. Earl Sheridan

Blog Post: Genevieve


North Carolina Sea Grant is hosting the North Carolina’s Coastal Conference on April 4 and 5.  They are calling for student poster abstracts and the timeline is perfect for us!  

You will submit a poster abstract if selected to present, attending the conference is up to you. More instructions and guidelines are available here:

Abstracts are due 5pm, Tuesday, February 28, 2017

March 2: Academic Urban Legends and BS

Things are not always as they seem...

Rekdal- Academic urban legends

Homework:  Is there BS embedded in the problem you are studying?  Find it or something you suspect is not as it seems.  Substantiate your claim and bring it to class to discuss with your classmates.

March 9: Spring Break!

March 16

Dreger- Introduction through Chapter 4

Poster Workshop with Melissa Smith

Blog Post: Jenn

Social Process Map due in Class

March 23- Scientists in Policymaking (1 pager)

Pielke- Chapter 4 and Chapter 5
AAAS- Advocacy in science
Prewitt- Who is listening? When scholars think they are speaking to Congress

Blog Post: Jackie 

Presentations: Caitlin, Kathy and Genevieve

March 30- Scientists in Policymaking (1 pager on whole book)

Dreger- Chapter 5 through conclusion


Blog Post: Brooks 

Presentations: Jackie, Jenn, Brooks and Betsy

April 6- Professionalism

Resume Workshop- Sarah Crockett

Blog Post: Chris 

Presentations: Hayley and Chris

April 13- No Class Good Friday

April 20

No Class

Blog Post: Hayley

April 21

CMS Poster Presentation 4-6pm

May 4- Papers Due by noon, electronic copy by email
Paper guideline suggestions    Capstone Rubric

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